After a long day of travel as the orange-lit sun falls over the city of Restov, River and Jack make their way to a bathhouse, where they recline surrendipitously with Hirol Zidane and Morgan Kehlin who had likewise been taking it easy before they needed to head into the harsh Wasted Lands.

At the bathhouse, a braggart, Quelk Surtova is regaling ladies with stories of how badass and "hard" he is. Then he starts bad-mouthing the other people exploring the Wasted Lands. He mentions that one is a tiefling, and his ladies begin to gasp and point at the Tiefling reclining in a bath behind Quelk's back.

Quelk gets up and begins to harass the tiefling. Jack laughs at their exchange and Quelk starts harassing him too.

After Quelk departs, Jack and Zidane decide to rob him. In the bathhouse locker, they meet a thin creepy 21 year-old male attendant (Conor) who speaks with Zidane who tries to distract him while Jack loots Quelk's locker. The attendant begins to regale Zidane with complaints about how hard it is to get anything other than Playelf and Playdwarf, and tells him that although most people hate demons that some people love them and asks Zidane if he has a copy of Playdemon on hand. Zidane does not. Then, surriptitiously, Conor tells Zidane that he knows a guy who knows a dude who knows a fellow who would give him lots of coins to pose for pictures. Zidane declines the offer.

After a series of failures, Jack finally finds and loots Quelk's locker, gaining gold and a masterwork dagger.