House Rogarvia mysteriously vanished in 553 in The Disappearance. Before that, the House ruled Brevoy, competently currying favor with all the various houses.

House Orlovsky and the Fanged Legion are the most prominent remaining professors of loyalty to House Rogarvia. The Fanged Legion-- Rogarvia's former mercenary/spymaster unit has completed several sweeps of the surrounding area, pursuing clues and leads as to the Houses' disappearance, but as far as public knowlege goes, they have discovered nothing. House Orlovsky has sent investigatory groups to the city of Skywatch, where on the day of the Disappearance, several of Rogarvia's greatest wizards, alchemists, and clerics were gathered.

As time has gone on, fewer and fewer people await the House's return, saying that some dark magic must have spirited them away. Rumors as to why the house has disappeared include:

Curse of the Conqueror: Choral the Conqueror's vengeful spirit wracked a horrible vengeance against his descendants for some imagined slight.

Dragon's Debt: In return for the Dragon's alliance, House Rogarvia's founder Choral the Conqueror pledged his descendants blood, hundreds of years into the future.

Planar Ascension: Given the goings-on at Skywatch on the day of the disappearance, some theorize that the House teleported itself to another location-- or was ripped there by Demons or magic like that which created the Wasted Lands.

Sworn Minor HousesEdit

The Fanged Legion - The House's personal mercenaries and spies who tend to have powerful extra-planar and bestial allies such as wyvrens and sentient blink dogs.


- Jacobi (Human Com 2) expresses a simple belief in the House's imminent return.

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