Pitax is a nation of poor taste, relatively good wine, and horribly inappropriate comedy.

Its ruler is Lord Irovetti, a bard who won the city in a singing competition, then started working out and getting buff in the gladiatorial arenas. He started by facing rats and badgers, worked his way up to porcupines, and is renowned for wrestling a Dire Procupine to death. He later defeated bears and human beings. His scars are often healed by his Chief Cleric, Lauralana Desiratta, a cleric of the Goddess of Sensuality (Deities). Lauralana is also rumored to be Irovetti's lover.

Diplomatic Relations

Pitax is generally at peace with its neighbors, except Mivon, with which it has an ongoing trade and art feud, and Daggermark, which has been suspected as being behind the poisoning of the Chief Flagellant Artist of Pitax, and the murder of the Butcher Artist of Fleet Street, who made his politically titillating anti-foreigner art from animal parts.

Art and Famous Artists

Outside of the recently deceased Chief Flagellant Artist, Lou Ranmou, and the man known only as the Butcher Artist of Fleet Street, Pitax boasts a veritable army of mimes and makers of limericks, both dirty and clean. It contains colleges of jug musical artists and wine glass whistlers.

The "Puschia Man Group" is a performance artist group that has attracted a wide array of followers in the popular press due to its daring and risque unannounced street shows.

Mon Mothma is an artist who is known for placing bodily functions on rare woods, like darkwood and teakwood. He pays great amounts of money for famous items so that he may forever bind his excrement on them through the use of a hideous magical ritual.

The Castratti Chorus is the national chorus of Pitax, consisting of seventeen castratti who are chosen from the most elite college of choral music- the Sliced Chord, which is located in the Music District.

The Belcher composes sonnets filled with belches.

Lorelai specializes in performance art and is a renowned contortionist. Other cultures would consider her particular job as little more than that of a paid harlot, but she is in high demand for public performances. Irovetti has proclaimed that "if it is public, then it is art", and so Pitax residents have been known to involve themselves in bitter disputes with residents of other countries about the extent to which her profession is artistic in nature.