House Orlovsky is known for being fiercely independent from political quarrels.

The house was formerly sworn to the now disappeared House Rogarvia. They generally see House Surtova as opportunists and only nominally follow them, claiming that they are awaiting Rogarvia's return. However, pressure has been increasing to declare for House Surtova or risk military occupation. The House has been rumored to be training its loyal soldiers harder than usual.

The Orlovskys are highly conservative in politics, dress, and fashion. They are slow to change and slow to adapt, but they are highly resilient. They tend to marry and bear children much younger than the other houses.

Lord Poul Orlovsky, 43 (as of year 3) (LN ari 4/war 5) leads the House as he has done since the age of 18, when he acceded to the throne following his father's mauling death while hunting the Great White Bear of the North.

Relation With the Other Houses (Diplomatic Relations)Edit

Garess - GOOD. Lord Howlan and our house share several relatives. The Lord is a respectable man and shares much of our same mores. A pity that he backs Surtova so firmly.

Lebeda - BAD. Opportunists who snubbed Lord Howlan and who are scrimping at the scraps that House Surtova deigns to give them. Unworthy of respect.

Lodovka - AVERAGE. Scoundrels, but they tend not to bother our interests.

Medvyed - GOOD. Honorable people of the forest.

Restov - AVERAGE. Fiercely independent people; generally a bunch of flashy swindlers who are not to be trusted, but their resilience is to be admired.

Surtova- POOR. Our refusal to swear to the King has been trying his, but especially his Queen and Lord Domani's patience.

Defunct Houses

Rogarvia* - GOOD. We had strong ties to this now departed-House. We eagerly wait for their return.

Other Countries

Iobaria- AVERAGE.

Sworn Minor Houses


Ages current as of 3 years in. Lord Poul's Children

-Alexander, 24 (and 3 children) Imprisoned

-William, 21 (and 2 children) Fled

-Louis, 20 (and 2 children) Imprisoned

-Miriam, 19 (and 1 child) Fled

-Tania, 17 (and 1 child) Fled

-Lana 14 Fled

-Gwynn, 11 Fled

Claude's Children (age 42; brother of Lord Poul) Fled

-Kaidyn Steele, 21

-Annie, 16

-Jane, 14

-Samuel, 11

-Lan, 8

Victoria's Children (age 42, sister of Lord Poul) Imprisoned

-Milicent, 27 (unmarried) Fled

-Pearl, 25 (5 children) Imprisoned

-Owen, 21 (1 child) Fled

-Asa, 16 Fled

Wynne's Children (age 38, sister of Lord Poul-- Unmarried) Imprisoned


Timothae's Children (age 33) Imprisoned

-Corwynn, 14

-Santander, 11

-Glynn, 8

-Gwen, 5

-Jane, 2

Player CharactersEdit

Other Important CharactersEdit

Lord Parsival Orlovsky (d. 537). Poul Orlovsky's father. Mauled to death by the Great White Bear of the North.

Lady Wynne Orlovsky. Provided the Charter. Currently imprisoned.