Nugrah the Druid was the father of the Stag Lord. He was kept in a basement under the bandit encampment where his father would beat him.

Sharell found Nugrah in his cell climbing on the ceiling in a wolverine form. The conversation was of the following form:

Nugrah: My territory, this is mine up and down, left and right, all around

Sharell: Territory is given around and around it twirls

Nugrah: Around and into the ground death consumes and you fall down

Sharell: Through the earth the plant grows green reaching towards the sun

Nugrah: Plant cannot grow, death takes its toll on all

Sharell: From the death comes the life, plant grows, animal eats, animal dies, plant grows

Nugrah: Death consumes all, death is unstoppable.

Sharell: Death cannot exist without life. Life came first from the void. Life will continue after death with death giving birth to new life. <Gives father some jerky>.

Nugrah: I am death, how can I become life?

Sharell: One step at a time.

Nugrah: Go, where will I?

Sharell: Grass and forest and sun you will walk.

Nugrah: <meld into stone and leave the dungeon>