Mr. Biggs 34, (ftr 2, rog 2, ari 4), NE is a member of the Reapers of Secrets who was captured by the party during the Battle at the Thorn River. He was captured after Drun disarmed him and Morgan separated him from his captive, Messana. He is currently the leader of the Reapers of Secrets in Xanadu. He has put on increasing paunch and weight in his years leading the group in Xanadu, where he has had little cause to fight due to his "arrangement" with Xanadu.

  • The party negotiated with Mr. Biggs, gave him a fake head to pass off as Jack and indicated that he should negotiate a truce and potential trade agreement with the Reapers of Secrets. The Reapers accepted the head and they believe Jack to be dead. Thankfully, Jack has assumed another identity and wandered off into the River Kingdoms.


* Sandy Santino (rog 6) (deceased) [was a serial killer who he broke out of the jail during Thundroch's raid]. Was killed by Rev. Gibbs.

* Michael (rog 3, ari 4). Killed by Rev. Gibbs.

* Fredo (rog 2, ari 2) [Not amazingly competent, but he has important family connections, thus the appointment]. He sounds like Bevis and Butthead. ("he, he.")

Following Michael and Sandy's deaths at the hands of Rev. Gibbs, Mr. Biggs acquired new bodyguards: -Reinhardt Damacon. (Ftr 8).
-Varnell Coldmettle (Rog 8).
-Hephaestos X. (Wiz 8).


When found, he had a note on him:

"Jack. Wilward Wyvrenjack. Lord Lestrom. Jackalope. Jack Drakejack. Etc. All these are names of the one who has crossed the Reapers.
2000 gold reward for him dead.

(picture of jack... sort of... with a moustache and beard is drawn)

PS: he sometimes wears an eyepatch. Do not be fooled."

Spoiler Info (GM Only)Edit

  • Reinhardt. Anti-Paladin.
  • All from Pitax.