Mivon the country is ruled by "The Lady" (Snooki Jerzi), who rules at the behest of the Merchant Council. She has no formal title other than "The Lady". In Mivon, the Rulers choose their title.

Mivon the city is ruled by King Mayor Chas Orfino, who has ruled for 6 years and who will be up for review  by the Merchant Council in another two years. Mivon has been encroaching into the Wasted Lands with expeditionary forces and settler forces. It borders Xanadu on its south.

Mayors of other cities are called Mayor.

Mivon's relationships with its neighbors are strained to say the most and it is often in a state of war or near war with its neighbor, Daggermark. It has been at peace with Pitax since King Irovetti took over, but there is always rumbling among the older generation about avenging ancient insults and more recent insults levied against Mivon due to the rancid nature of Pitaxian theatre.

The country resembles the world of Jersey Shore mixed with The Sopranos.

Its legions are reknowned as decent fighters as long as their supply lines are not cut and they are provided with ample eel.

Favored Foods: fried eels, smoked eels.

Known People:

The Lady (Snooki Jerzi) (42) She came to power after the Merchants' Council deposed King Pauli. Pauli currently sits again on the council, hoping again for another turn at rulership. The Lady believes very much in expansion and development. She is particularly interested in acquiring more Shoreline since the more rivers a Kingdom has, the more trade that can be done.

King Mayor Chas Orfino (53) (has ruled for 6 years, since his predecessor was ousted after commanding a failed expedition against Daggermark, the same expedition that ended King Pauli's career)

Patricia Orfino -5th daughter, 7th child of the youngest sister of the ruler of Mivon (King Mayor Chas Orfino). (see Suitors).