Messana is the ranger for Quelk Surtova's Glorious Explorers.

31 (half-elven rgr 2) (LN)

Tracker, Cartographer, Royal Warden of Issia, land of the Surtovas. She was appointed Warden due to her competence rather than her lineage. She has traditionally been quite loyal to the Surtova house, but her loyalty has been waning as she has needed to put up with Quelk Surtova's amorous advances and sheer idiocy.

She was kidnapped by Kressel and rescued by the Adventuring Group, specifically Morgan who charged in on his horse to pick her up after Drun disarmed Mr. Biggs.

Personality and DescriptionEdit

Quiet and straightforward, Messana is shorter than the average person at 5'2 but has a striking angular face. Her hair is brown, but is split down the middle by a shock of blond that she has braided and adorned with pearls she recovered from the Lake of Mists and Veils, north of Issia.