House Medvyed is the closest to nature of all the Houses.

The house is conservative and slow to act and it was one of the last to swear to House Surtova after The Disappearance.

Their lands are covered in great swaths of forest. Medvyed Lumber is in high demand due to its high quality and careful management.

Lord Gurven Medvyed, 43 (NG ari 1/war 5) leads the house.

Relation With the Other Houses (Diplomatic Relations)Edit

Garess - GOOD. Lord Howlan is a respectable and reputable person.

Lebeda - POOR. They will do anything to make a profit.

Lodovka - POOR. We often have disputes over the husbandry of natural resources with this house.

Orlovsky - GOOD. Reliable uplanders.

Restov - AVERAGE. No opinion.

Surtova- AVERAGE. Their House is nothing remarkable. They do not consult with us as much as they should.

Defunct Houses

Rogarvia* - AVERAGE. Their rule was decent. They consulted on us for many issues.

Other Countries

Iobaria- AVERAGE. From time to time we have border conflicts with their Barbarian tribes, but generally our relations are stable.

Sworn Minor Houses

Darlovsky, Kensington, Zedkhov


Player CharactersEdit

Aleksander Medvyed-Surrey (Human Wu Jen 1)

Elban Medvyed (Human Monk 1)

Sharell Libain (Half-Elf Druid 1)

Other Important CharactersEdit