Meager Varn (ftr 4/rgr 4) is the leader of your sister kingdom. He is a famous, but eccentric, adventurer and a distant member of a noble family. He was tasked with settling the wild land near the vicious Nomen Centaurs.

He has two steadfastly loyal orcs, Vask and Iur, who he befriended while adventuring in Iobaria.

He is married to a centaur-lady, Penelope, who he met in Iobaria.

Currently, the famous bard, Sharina Legendsinger (bard 9) is chronicling his deeds and adventures.


You have heard songs about how Varn wiped out a hive of owlbears and his orcs, Vask and Iur defeated the redcap fey and burned down the redcap forest.

-Hear about how traveling artifact discoverers headed to Varn from Brevoy as Varn discoverd an ancient Taldan outpost fort and personally recovered a dice game that the casting of the stone provides the player with luck +1/day skills, -1, +2, -2 till rest. (Skill stones; 3,500 gp).