House Lodovka is a house of seamen and fishers. They are highly insular and suspicous in their dealings with outsiders.

A common Lodovka saying is "A friend is one who does not ask about your business."

Lodovkas are seen as harsh and unforgiving of defects. They are slow to trust, and slower to forgive. They value forthrightness and strength. Family is only important as far as the first child of a family goes. Other children are often neglected and resources are focused on the first in order to give it the best chance to succeed in the world. Children with defects are sometimes left to die of exposure.

The Lodovkas are natural enemies of the untrustworthy pirate House Surtova, but they swore to their new Lords rather quickly. This was not a huge surprise as House Lodovka is known for being one of the more opportunistic Houses, quick to take advantage of a neighbor's misery.

Lord Kozek "Kraken-Killer" Lodovka, 44 (CG ari 2/exp 3/war 2). He lost three of his fingers in a fierce battle with a Kraken on the Lake.

Relation With the Other Houses (Diplomatic Relations)Edit

Garess - AVERAGE. Sour miners.

Lebeda - POOR. Lying traders.

Medvyed - 'POOR'. Bitter nature-worshipers.

Orlovsky - AVERAGE. Uptight fools.

Restov - AVERAGE. Foolish outlanders.

Surtova- AVERAGE. Dangerous pirates.

Defunct Houses

Rogarvia* - AVERAGE. Respected us; we respected them.

Other Countries

Iobaria- AVERAGE. Easily exploited.

Sworn Minor Houses


Player CharactersEdit

Jang Lodovka (Sor 1)

Other Important CharactersEdit