Several flowers have been found by various members of the adventuring group. Each of the flowers pulses with magic. After much study, the following information has been learned


During the rebirth of the world, powerful magic was used to keep pieces in tact. The fey queen used her magic on the lands that Xanadau now occupies. She imbued magic flowers with the necessary power.

The flowers are linked to the fey queen, and she can use her magic to spy on those who use the flowers. The flowers also weaken the barriers between the realsm allowing the fey queen to tough the user's dreams.

Known effectsEdit

Piemy flower- found in the statue the boggard encampment was worshipinh. This is known to grant a +1 insight bonus to wisdom and minor creation 1x / day


Fall hills

Stag Lord stole one from Pitaxe

One is north with the wyvern in the barbarian lands

Known statusEdit

Sarda has two?