Herein is a collection o f the appropriate skills and feats of the "Adventuring Group" towards crafting their own gear, both of the mundane and magical varieties.

Mundane CraftersEdit

Character Crafting Skill Modifier Special
Aleksander Medvyed Alchemy +21
Elba Truthspoken Alchemy +?
Drake Givaldrak Weaponsmithing +12
Hirol Zidane Fletching +11
Morgan Kelhin Armorsmithing +14 +4 for Barding

Magical CraftersEdit

Character Crafting Feats Caster Level Other
Aleksander Medvyed Magical Arms/Armor, Wondrous Items 5th
Elba Truthspoken Brew Potion 7th
Sardaxinomicon Scribe Scroll 8th

Alek's Available Prerequisite Spells:

1st: Alarm, Cause Fear, Crafter's Fortune, Disguise Self, Elemental Burst, Erase, Hold Portal, Identify, Iron Scarf, Jump, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Magic Weapon, Ray of Enfeeblement, Reduce Person, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Silent Image, True Strike, Unseen Servant.

2nd. Detect Thoughts, Fox's Cunning, Invisibility, Levitate, Magic Mouth, Make Whole, Minor Image, Protection from Arrows, Summon Monster II.

3rd. Dispel Magic, Fly, Keen Edge, Lightning Bolt, Spiked Pit.

Elba's Available Potions:

1st. Comprehend Languages

2nd. Alter Self, Mirror Image

3rd. Fly