Bokken is a strange old coot who loves to eat and cook Moon Radishes, but who laments the dearth of womenfolk in the Wasted Lands.

He locks himself in his house since bandits have been robbing him. He has hidden thunderstones in his garden as a trap for bandits. He will trade potions if we find him some rare herbs.

He has many warning signs in his front yard in both Common and Draconic, warning kobolds and humans not to touch, trample, or eat the things in his garden.

He used to cuckold the Old Beldame (Swamp Witch)'s husband, a tiefling, with her in a long-forgotten romance.

Currently, as a result of the Party's efforts, the two are living together, albeit in separate houses, in the northern part of the Greenbelt.

Purchases and QuestsEdit

He is interested in Tatzlwyrms (200 gp for future Tatzlwyrms) for medicinal properties.

He purchased two fire lizards for use in alchemical potions.

He is interested in Goodberry bushes. (50 gp/bush)

He is interested in a kobold being brought back to him alive (2 gp) who managed to eat some of his poisonous flowers and who survived.


He served the party fried kobold and moon radishes.

He has pigeons that deliver messages to Oleg's.