The capital city of the kingdom of Xanadu, located slightly north of the Stag Lord's Fort, and on a major water-way.





Mr. Biggs (rog 7) - Reapers of Secrets

Anastasia (ari 2, exp 2, rog 3) - Liasion

Rev. Gibbs (pal 6) - Paladin. Medvyed.

Lord Jang (sor 5) - Baron

Hirol Zidane (ftr 5)

Akiros Ismort (ftr 5)

Svetlana Leveton (exp 5) - Councilor

Alex (alchemist 5)

Ashiara (exp 5)

Lily Teskerton (rog 2, ari 3)

Dain Redding (war 1/exp 3)- Under Kesten (engineer)

Drake Givaldrak (exp 4) - Blacksmith Extraordinaire

Oleg Leveton (exp 4) - Royal Treasurer

Anando (gnome ari 4) - Persnickety Royal Chronicler

Millicent Orlovsky (barb 2, exp 1)

Bren Tanner (exp 3) - Maker of Plush propoganda

Fat Norry (exp 3) - Former Stag Lord Cook and underworld tattoo artist, now released and running with the Reapers of Secrets.

Lewis Rose (war 1/ftr 2) - Under Kesten

Marcos Lane (war 1/ftr 1) - Under Kesten

Topper Red (bard 1) - Unofficial court Jester.

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Nearby IndividualsEdit

Sootscale Mines (West)

Coran (Rgr 4) (Vassal to the East)

Tierissa the Nymph (CR 5) (East)

Dryad (CR 4) (East)


180 killed by the raging Owlbear, the will-of-the-wisp, and Thundrock, the Troll.

Kesten Garess (ftr 3) - Commander of official Brevic forces

Bromin (exp 4) - killed by werewolf, during a valiant defense of the town.

Khan (rog 4/rgr 2) Reapers of Secrets Murderer released after the Owlbear attack by Mr. Biggs.

Killed by the Rev. Gibbs (Paladin)