On Day 99 (July 7), the Adventuring Group overcame the Stag Lord and his bandits, clearing the major threat to the Wasted Lands.

-The plan was set to send Jack in, disguised as a Reaper of Secrets bearing poisoned alcohol for the Stag Lord while the rest of the group waited over 330 feet away, hidden behind brush and rocks and waiting to emerge after Jack disabled the Stag Lord and opened the gates.

-Jack ends up in a drinking contest with the Stag Lord, then stumbles to the gate and yells that he sees two scouting adventurers outside.

-Akiros makes a questionable tactical decision and opens the gates. Later it is revealed that this was on purpose. He sends 4 through the gates with him, then retreats when he sees Morgan lurking in the distance.

-Akiros fights Dovan/Falgrim Sneeg, who struggles with him as Akiros tries to keep the gate open. Auchs, hearing the cry of his friend, goes to help.

-Couladin the Mage and mercenary is overwhelmed by zombies.

-Of the Four bandits who escaped from the Thorn River Camp, one was missing (hunted down by the Stag Lord); another, who was shooting arrows, perished by a fireball from Jang; another fled near the end of the battle and released the Stag Lord's Owlbear and twin wolves, then hurried to the basement where he was killed by an agitated Nugrah; the final, the bandana bandit, who escaped the group twice before-- once with Happs and once with Kressel, jumped off his watchtower, tumbled and took off running, over the walls and into the lake to escape the Group.